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iGRIP Shouldered Racing Tire Studs 28mm (SS-28R)

BACK ORDER: We sold them all and unfortunately, they will not be back this season. Feel free to call us if you have any questions!
Included in each box:
Installation tool
  • Product Description

    The iGrip tire studs SS-28R are made from hot-dipped steel to maximize durability and thermally galvanized with a zinc coating which acts as a shield against corrosion. A tungsten carbide tip is welded to each stud to amplify continuous traction. This is possible thanks to the exceptional anchoring depth our studs achieve in ice.

    The structure of this new stud was designed for extreme environments and heavy machinery. The shouldered stud is sure to become a must-have in the mining, forestry and construction industries, for tracked and pneumatic machinery as well as vehicles weighing 100,000 pounds and more.

    The igrip tire stud SS-28R is 28mm in total length. The recommended minimum tire tread depth is 25mm.

    Please note that an installation tool is included in each box.


    Product number: SS-28R - iGRIP Shouldered Tire Studs 28mm, Box of 100, 150, 200, 250 & 1000 pcs



    • Oversized and pointed tungsten carbide
    • For enhanced traction
    • Hot-dipped steel and galvanized stud
    • Big tread for good anchoring
    • Lasting durability
    • Light
    • Easy to install and dismantle
    • 100, 150, 200, 250 and 1000 unit packages



    • Snowmobile
    • Motocross
    • ATV


    Snowmobile track 1,25’’ & +

    SS-28150R / TRACK 120’’

    SS-28200R / TRACK 137’’

    SS-28250R / TRACK 144’’


    Installation Guide PDF


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    The tool included with the package must be attached to a drill for stud installation and removal. A detachable measuring tool and an installation diagram are provided with each package.

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      The tool included with the package must be attached to a drill...
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Quantity of screw studs by tire

  8 MM 11 MM 15 MM 18 MM 25 MM 30 MM 40 MM Qty by tire
Heavy Machinery x x 150 - 300
Loader x x x 100 - 150
Tractor x x x 100 - 150
Small Loader x x x 75 - 100
Fork Lift x x x x 50 - 100
VTT / ATV x x x 50 - 75
Snowmobile x x x 150 - 200
Shoes - Boots x x 8 - 12

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