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Ice Studs for Trucks Canada

Get the best ice studs for trucks that will increase your traction and grip when driving in snow and ice in winter.

In winter, you need to be extra careful when driving in snow and ice; this why you need to equip your truck with ice studs. Screw-in ice studs will not only improve your traction and ice when driving, but it will also reduce the risks of skidding and sliding, therefore, reducing the risks of accidents.Our ice tire studs for truck are built from high-quality hardened galvanized steel stud, with a welded tungsten carbide head. All our winter truck ice screws have a welded carbide head to prevent losing studs when greater pressure is applied on the tire during traction.

With winter ice studs on your truck, tire chains will become a thing of the past : you will be all geared up to conquer any road condition, even the nastiest snowstorm! IGrip tire screws for trucks diverse auger depths work with almost any tire and varying prominences for safe driving on ice, snow, mud, or icy pavement during winter. Our ice screws for truck come in different sizes (15-25mm) and units (100 to 1000 pieces per box), and will fit on all models and brands of trucks.

For almost a decade, IGrip Store has been the official manufacturer and retailer for iGrip truck tire studs. We produce, sell, and distribute ice studs adapted for all trucks, cars, and SUVs all across Canada. Also, with all $250 purchase, you obtain free and fast shipping everywhere in Canada.


If you have questions concerning our ice studs for trucks, or if you are searching for specific ice studs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ask our professional team and they will be happy to help you find all the information you need.



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