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Ice studs for tractor Canada

Get the best ice studs for your traction and boost its grip and traction while working on ice and snow during winter.

When winter arrives on farms, it doesn’t mean the work is done; you need your heavy machinery to be fully functional. For this reason, putting ice studs on your tractor is a necessity. Screw-in ice studs will help you keep your balance when working on ice and snow, it will prevent skidding and slipping. They will also drastically increase your traction and grip, reducing the risks of getting stuck in snow, and of potential accidents. Our ice studs for tractors are made from top-quality hardened galvanized steel stud, with a welded tungsten carbide head. They have a welded carbide head to prevent losing your studs when extra pressure is applied on tires during traction. Plus, a solid tungsten carbide core has improved grabbing power that delivers maximum traction when needed.

IGrip ice studs for tractor varied thread depth and tip lengths fit a vast range of tractor rubber tires for extreme traction on ice, snow, hard soil, and frozen pavement. Our ice studs for tractor come in a variety of sizes (15-25mm) and units (100 to 1000 pieces per box), made to fit with most models and brands of tractors.

Since 2009, IGrip Store has been the official manufacturer and retailer for iGrip ice studs for tractors. We produce, sell, and distribute ice screws adapted for tractors all across Canada. With each $250 purchase, you obtain free and fast shipping everywhere in Canada.


Do you have any questions concerning our ice studs for tractors? Are you currently searching for a special type of ice stud without any luck? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Ask our professional team and they will provide you with all the information you need!


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