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Ice Studs for Snowmobile Canada

Get the best ice studs for your snowmobile to boost the traction and grip on your track to ride safely on snowy trails and frozen lakes during winter.

Snowmobiles have become one of the most prized activities in Canada, but it requires as much vigilance as driving a car. Installing ice studs on your snowmobile is mandatory; not only will it boosts your traction and grip on the trails, it will also reduce the risks of skidding and sliding, thus, reducing the risks of accidents.Winter snowmobile ice studs are made from hot-dipped steel to optimize durability and thermally galvanized with a zinc coating, a shield against corrosion. A tungsten carbide tip is welded to each stud to boost constant traction, thanks to the exceptional anchoring depth the studs achieve in ice.

IGrip ice studs for snowmobile diverse auger depths work with almost any snowmobile track and varying prominences for riding safely on ice, snow, hard soil, and mud during winter. Our ice studs for snowmobile come in vast selection of sizes (8-25mm) and units (100 to 1000 pieces per box).

For almost a decade, IGrip Store has been the official manufacturer and retailer for iGrip snowmobile ice studs. We manufacture, sell, and distribute ice screws for snowmobile all across Canada. Plus, with all $250 purchase, you get free shipping everywhere in Canada.


Do you have any questions about our ice studs for snowmobile? Have you been searching for a special ice stud without any luck? All you have to do is to contact us! Ask our professional team and they will help you find all the information you need.



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